Smart marketing & smart websites

Do you need to get your head around marketing & websites so your business can thrive?

Then I'm pleased you're here.


Hi, I'm Kathryn McGarvey and I want to help you grow your business through smart marketing and a website that's designed not just to look good, but to get results.


Why choose me?


EXPERIENCE...and the forehead wrinkles that go with it

I've been a marketer for 17-odd years, for big corporates through to non-profits. I've been building Squarespace websites for over two years. 

As a youngster I travelled a fair bit. To pay for it I worked in admin roles, cleaned things (Ireland & Israel), worked in retail (NZ & Canada) and once accidentally separated many dozens of tourists from their luggage because I was a dangerous mixture of diligent, helpful and over-enthusiastic with luggage tags (Heraklion Airport, Greece. Oops). 

Not only do I have solid marketing experience, I have a fair few life lessons behind me too.

Experience counts.

Don't want to just take my word for it? Good. I like you already. Would you perhaps be swayed by what other people have kindly said about working with me? →

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