ABOUT pages are hard to write

If you've ever tried to write your own About page, you'll know how very difficult it can be.

As a marketer and former builder of websites, I know that an About page:

  • isn't an opportunity to talk about yourself - it's actually about how what you are and what you've done helps your clients or customers.

  • should sound like you wrote it, even if you didn't. It needs to be in your own voice, not formal "business" language. And please, don't be tempted to refer to yourself in the third person because you are uncomfortable writing about yourself (I did this when I started out and it made me squirm for a year before I changed it).

  • must have a picture of you so people can see the real person/people behind the business.

  • should share a little of yourself and your values so that people feel like they know you a little. Bonus points if you can make what you share relevant to what you offer.

  • be about what you can do for people (I've said it already but it bears repeating)

  • have a call to action (that means that you ask the reader to do something. A call to action can be anything from to asking them call you, to connect on social media or to click through to buy something from you).

I know this stuff because I built websites for four years and have been a marketer for just shy of 20 years, for big corporates like Sky, Telecom (now Spark) and the National Bank, as well as smaller local businesses. 

(And because I've worked for Sky & Telecom, I am also all too well acquainted with how to annoy your customers and send them fleeing to your competitors. I've learned as much from monumental stuff-ups as I have from doing things well.)

Now, I use my marketing experience to train other creative business owners on how to market their business effectively.

When I'm not at my desk...

I'm at home in Napier, New Zealand, likely to be getting a coffee, reading, or testing the patience of my husband and two lovely children with my questionable music choices.

BUT Enough about me!

I'd love to find out more about you and how I might be able to help you make your small business thrive.

I also gladly accept new music suggestions!

The best way to make contact is to say hi using the orange button below or come and hang out on Instagram.


Napier website designer and marketer Kathryn McGarvey from Savve

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