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hello, i’m kathryn. I’m an old marketer.

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Exactly how old?

I’m so old… when I studied marketing at university, Y2K was a real concern and our lecturers talked about the world shifting from ‘bricks and mortar’ to ‘clicks and mortar’.

I’m so old… I was marketing before email was even used to market to people (we used letters!)

I’m so old… my first work phone was a Nokia 5120, and the sweet sweet upgrade to a Sanyo 7400 flip phone with customisable ring tone was a sure sign that my career was going places.


My marketing triumphs & disasters


Back when I had a CV, these were what were at the top of my list of key achievements:

  • the time at the National Bank when I achieved a 14.2% uptake to a direct mail campaign (5% was considered a wild success in those days)

  • the email campaign I ran for Need A Nerd that exceeded its sales target by 633%

  • the onboarding process I designed for Sky (UK) that reduced customer churn by 50%


Stories of failure are always more fun to hear (and to learn from) and so I’m willing to confess about my disastrous time as a Product Manager at Sky UK, when:

  • my product broke records (for complaints to our industry’s regulatory body)

  • my magazine ad nearly went to print with the wrong phone number (my boss caught the error when he called the number, on speakerphone, in front of our entire team, and it rang through to a sex chatline!!)

  • I signed off a media release about a survey we commissioned that claimed that my product’s pricing structure was so straightforward a majority of women and people in Northern Ireland could understand it.

And why should you care?

Those triumphs and disasters while working as an in-house marketer for large companies and small local businesses means that I’ve been around the marketing block more than a few times.

I have a bank of knowledge, experience and understanding that can help you get clarity around the best way to market your business to get the results you want.




These are the things that I strongly believe in. They’re also a good way to weed out people who I may not enjoy working with. If they resonate with you, then I think we’ll get on well. If they don’t, then I don’t think I’m going to the best person to help you.


Story & Desire

The intersection of story and desire is where you are mostly likely to find marketing magic

Here’s how it usually works:

  1. Do your research so you really understand your target audience’s desires, needs or problems.

  2. Ensure your business story answers the unspoken question of how your product or service fulfils your audiences needs & desires, or solve their problems.

  3. Tell your personal story in way that’s inspiring, evocative and straight from your heart*

  4. Sit back and watch the magic happen. Boom!

*If you think your story isn’t any of those things, then I can 100% guarantee that you’re wrong. You just need to learn how to tell a better story and funnily enough, I can help with that.


Simplicity, Clarity & Honesty

The most effective way to get great results is to keep things simple, clear and honest.

There’s not a lot more to be said about that, it’s just how I operate (and its why my services have names that are pretty simple and clear).


Curiosity & Problem-Solving

Marketing is ever-changing.

I like to stay curious, to have an open mind and an open heart, to read widely, to learn from others and to experiment.


Outside of office hours

You’ll most likely find me somewhere in Napier, New Zealand. It’s likely I’ll be getting a coffee (a piccolo), reading (usually non-fiction), telling Paddy (the cat) it’s not dinner time yet, ferrying my kids around after school (to soccer, guitar & futsal) or testing the patience of my husband and children singing along to my Spotify playlists (which are actually quite awesome and it’s hardly my fault if I have superior taste in music).


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