How to add a favicon to your Squarespace website in under 3 minutes

Add a favicon.png

You know those little logos or images you see at the top of a browser window or when you save a site to favourites?  They are called favicons, and they help brand your website and give it a clear identity.


Squarespace and Favicons

When you sign up for a Squarespace website, your site has a default favicon that is shared by all Squarespace sites.  It might look familiar (and if not, it looks like this).

It's really easy to change it, and once you have the image file you want to use, you can do it in under 3 minutes. 

What you'll need before you start

All you will need is a .jpg or .png file with the image you want to use for your favicon to convert to a .ico file.  

I use a 64px x 64px image for the sites I build.


Which file type should you choose?

If your favicon image fills a square box like the image pictured, then a jpeg is fine.  


If you want to have a clear background, then you'll need a clear cut png (that means an image without a background). 


So let's get to it!

Did you try it out for yourself? Let me know in the comments below how you got on, or it you have any questions.

If you have built a Squarespace website on your own, you might want to consider having an experienced Squarespace designer check out that it has all been set up properly and nothing important (like favicons!) you have overlooked. Coincidentally enough, I offer that very service. Check out my Squarespace Health Check for more details on exactly what's involved.