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4 lessons you can learn from my really stupid mistakes


I’ve seen a fair few, and I’ve made a whole bunch myself. At worst they can be humiliating and cost you cold, hard cash. At best, you are the only one who knows about them.  Either way, they can knock your confidence. However, the opportunity to learn from mistakes can be enormous, so sit back, wince and / or chuckle at some of my worst mistakes and learn. 

(By the way, this was a hard post to write. I’d much prefer to skite about the times when things were successful and reflected well on me, but I know that failure stories are much more instructive, and let’s face it, way more interesting!)

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Why I started savve - and consciously broke 2 fundamental rules of branding in the process

I have been an employee most of my working life. I left university many years ago after graduating with an astonishingly useless degree in - ahem - German Language & Literature, and another year spent earning another qualification based on studying Religious Studies and Film*. I was very well qualified to drift through life, and, as it turns out in my 20s I was quite good at that. But the good thing about drifting through life not knowing what you want and what you are good at, is that you go a lot of places, work a heap of different types of jobs, work with and for people who are brilliant and people who are fools (and several who are a destructive mix of both).

If you can keep your eyes and your mind open, you learn a lot about different kinds of businesses.

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