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let’s find the marketing path that’s right for you

When you think about marketing, do you get a bit of a sinking feeling? You know it can transform a business when done right, but it can be hard to know where to even begin - or what to do next - without feeling overwhelmed at all the advice out there.

That’s where I can help. My job is to give you the confidence, clarity and knowledge to find your own marketing direction. A direction that works for you and your business. One that will attract the right people to buy from you.


is this you?

  • You’re an expert at what you do, but feel like you need support and guidance when it comes to marketing

  • You’re starting a new business or you’ve already been in business for a while and you just want to be able to market your business to get the best possible results

  • You’re happy to take advantage of an expert’s knowledge and experience to avoid beginner mis-steps and wasted money

  • You’re ready for your business to thrive



You can’t do all the work yourself, so let me help with the part of running a business that I know inside out. I’d love to help you with your marketing.


marketing coaching might work for you if…

  • You believe in the potential of your product or your service and are truly motivated to put the effort in to get the best results.

  • You’d welcome simplicity and clarity to help you fulfil your business potential.

  • You are ready to answer hard questions that might seem confronting, but are designed to get you results quicker.

  • You’d rather invest in expert help to focus on marketing your product or service, than spend any more time trying to figure it out on your own by reading blogs & free e-books and watching webinars (which aren’t exactly designed for a Kiwi audience).


how i work


One of my core values is clarity, so I want to be really clear right up front about what it’s like to work with me.

What you need to know

I don’t want to do your marketing for you. I want to teach you how to confidently gain marketing skills and feel empowered to handle your marketing yourself.

I’m realistic and I believe in honest feedback. I’ll tell you straight if I think your ideas or products suck, but I’ll do it with kindness, always give clear and legitimate reasons why I think they suck and suggestions how to make them better.

I can be quite direct, because I need to focus when we’ve got work to do. But I like to think that I’m direct in a nice way.

I really really want you to succeed. When I work with someone I like to start with a marketing strategy that both makes sense and has a touch of audacity; and then get a marketing plan sorted to get you the kind of results you dream of. Why not aim for the stars?!

I’m likely to try and push you out of your comfort zone, but it’ll only ever be for good reason and I won’t push you too far (unless you want me to).

I can be quite funny (depending on who you ask and whether they actually have a sense of humour or not).

I don’t have all the answers, but I know that together we can figure them out.


some people who have been there, done that…

Florence Charvin Hawkes Bay Commercial Photographer.jpg

“Kathryn has a deep understanding of marketing and the ability to quickly get right to the heart of an issue and find a perfect solution. She’s really helped me to understand how to market myself in a way that feels natural to me and still gets me clients.

I’ve been telling her for three years she should be a marketing coach. It’s gratifying that she’s finally listened to me!”

Florence Charvin - Commercial Photographer

Michele Jung from Michalk Childrens Art Classes.jpg

“There is so much to get ones head around, but I feel like I’ve achieved years of work in the space of a few weeks thanks to your experience and knowledge.

Wow Kathryn, lots to take in, we covered so much in our time together, amazing really! You have clearly defined my goals which often for creatives we have lots of ideas but can go around in circles, we tend to overthink it.... so having professional guidance and help at this crucial stage in my new business is invaluable.”

Michele Jung - Children’s Art Classes


marketing coaching programmes

I offer a four week and ten week marketing coaching programme, depending on your needs and timings.


Accelerate Your Marketing
(4 Weeks)


Perfect if you have the time and energy to really get stuck in to one aspect of your marketing and want to make things happen fast.

Think. Plan. Act
(10 Weeks)


Great for you if you can take time to really reflect on what you want your business to achieve and set solid foundations for growth.


What happens next?

If you are ready to take action on your marketing then the best thing to do is to complete the form below to register your interest and send me some details.

If you are not sure if marketing coaching is right for you, then please send me a message or book a free 15 minute consultation. I’ll tell you straight if I don’t think my coaching is suitable for you.

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