some people who have been there, done that…

Florence Charvin Hawkes Bay Commercial Photographer.jpg

“Kathryn has a deep understanding of marketing and the ability to quickly get right to the heart of an issue and find a perfect solution. She’s really helped me to understand how to market myself in a way that feels natural to me and still gets me clients.

I’ve been telling her for three years she should be a marketing coach. It’s gratifying that she’s finally listened to me!”

Florence Charvin - Commercial Photographer

Michele Jung from Michalk Childrens Art Classes.jpg

“There is so much to get ones head around, but I feel like I’ve achieved years of work in the space of a few weeks thanks to your experience and knowledge.

Wow Kathryn, lots to take in, we covered so much in our time together, amazing really! You have clearly defined my goals which often for creatives we have lots of ideas but can go around in circles, we tend to overthink it.... so having professional guidance and help at this crucial stage in my new business is invaluable.”

Michele Jung - Children’s Art Classes