Learn How To Write a Marketing Plan For Your Small Business


why have a marketing plan?

Do you know what you want to achieve in your business or are you winging it? (and there’s no judgement from me there if you are winging it - that’s one of the biggest mistakes I made in my own business.)

Without focus and direction - without a plan - it’s all but impossible for your business to truly fulfil its potential. And isn’t that what we all want for our businesses at the end of the day?

If you’ve never written a marketing plan before it can be a daunting prospect. But without a marketing plan, are you really giving your business the best chance to really thrive? 

(Hint: the answer is no)


Having a robust marketing plan gives you clarity on:

  • your business goals

  • who your target customers are and how best to reach them

  • how to talk about what makes your business the best choice for your potential clients - what makes you different

  • how to position and price your products or services so they are aligned with your business goals and brand

  • what marketing materials you need to support your business

  • the best ways to promote your business to achieve your business goals

  • what you need to do online to support your business (including websites and social media)

  • your numbers - a realistic budget and a forecast of your sales

  • what you need to be measuring to ensure you stay on track

  • what marketing success means for your business

I'm not going to pretend it's not a lot of work, because it is.
And the work doesn't stop once the plan is written, but it is worth the effort and investment.


 It's much easier to work to a plan, than make it up as you go along and then wonder why you're not getting the results you hoped for.

marketing plan.jpg

get a marketing plan that's useful and practical...and won't end up written, then forgotten about


Here's why it makes sense to team up with me to get your marketing plan written.

  • I've written a lot of marketing plans over my 20 year marketing career. I'm generally quite modest, but I am happy to state I am the queen of writing concise, clear, practical and actionable plans. I don't waffle on. And I don't have my head in the clouds and my hands in your wallet wanting to spend all your money.

  • I believe it's critical to be recording and measuring your results, so as part of your marketing plan you get a customisable template to record and evaluate your results.

  • We'll be working's not about me telling you what to do, it's about me being able to tease out what you really need and put in place a plan that works for you.

  • I'm realistic. I know the difference between what's actually achievable and what's nice to think you'll do but will never get done.


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This is a brand new service that I’m offering, so I don’t have any testimonials yet.

So if you are willing to be a beta tester, give me honest feedback and a truthful testimonial that I can use to replace this fake testimonial, then I’m happy to offer a 25% discount to the first two people to book this service (just be sure to mention this offer when you get in touch.

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how it works


Make Contact

Get in touch via the orange button below and tell me a little about yourself. I'll follow up and we book in a time to talk, either in person, on the phone or by Skype.


Your Homework

I'll send you a detailed pre-meeting questionnaire to be completed before we meet. You'll need to allow several hours on your own to work through the questionnaire.


Work Together

We have two sessions together where we create your marketing plan. The first session will be up to 3 hours, followed up by a 90 minute session two weeks later to refine the plan.


Your Plan

After our final session, you will have the material, tools and template you need to put the finishing touches on your marketing plan. Simply put the plan into action and watch your business thrive!

Disclaimer: This does take effort. Plans that aren't implemented can't get results!


your investment

$925 (incl GST)


Includes detailed pre-meeting questionnaire, two 1:1 sessions, personalised actionable marketing plan and results assessment template.