squarespace DIY RESCUE


have you started designing a Squarespace website and now feel like you've bitten off more than you can chew?


That's exactly how I felt when I first tried to build a site in Squarespace. It was supposed to be easy, so I felt like a numpty when I failed to find it as easy as it was supposed to be. 

(Side note: isn't numpty an awesome word?!)

And then I found out there's so much more to crafting a Squarespace website than just getting it to look good.

Like having a sound strategy behind it, ensuring it's search engine friendly, favicons, calls to actions, links...it's a long list that elevates a website from good-looking to smart and effective and good-looking.


lose the squarespace headache- let me step in to help

I've built over 20 Squarespace websites in the last few years so I've learned a few tricks along the way.

Put your mind at rest and get expert help to finish your site off. 

I’ll take the hassle out of your hands and complete the site build to ensure your Squarespace site is the best it can possibly be


The Squarespace DIY Rescue service includes:

  • Evaluating your Squarespace template - are you building on the template that best suits your needs?
  • Evaluating your content - is your content going to achieve the results you want from your site or could it be improved?
  • Evaluating your site structure - is it structured sensibly and to make it easy for your site visitors?
  • Completing your site build - ensuring it looks good across all types of devices and that everything works.
  • Optimising the site’s back end for efficiency and to be search engine friendly.
  • Connecting your site to your domain (if required)

your investment

All Squarespace DIY Rescue projects are priced individually, because, as you'll understand, the cost and time depends on how far you've progressed and how long it will take to set things right.

I will supply a quote once I’ve had a look at your site and you can then choose whether you'd like to proceed.

All prices are in NZ dollars and do not include GST


how it works

one || assess

Complete the briefing form below with details of your project. I'll have a 15 minute look at your progress and diagnose what needs to be done, then get back to you with a quote to complete the work.

(1 week)

two || consult

We get together in person, via email or Skype and I'll ask lots of questions so I can understand exactly what it is you need for your site to achieve and look like.

(1 week)

three || get on with it

I'll finish building your site in line with your requirements and you can rest easy, knowing that your website is as good as it possible can be.

(2-3 weeks)


ready to hand over the reins?

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