squarespace website health check


do you have a nagging feeling that your squarespace website isn't working for you as hard as it could be?

There’s a lot to think about when you are building a website.

If you haven’t done it before then it’s all to understandable to make some of these common mistakes:

  • Not optimising content for search engines
  • A site structure that’s not intuitive and leaves site visitors confused
  • No calls to action
  • Core information that's hard to find
  • Long blocks of text that people won't read through
  • Oversized images that slow down page speed time
  • Too many fonts (or fonts that clash!)
  • No internal or external linking (Google loves links!)
  • Poor quality images

WHat's involved in a health check?

Well, it's me, videoing my screen while I give your site the once over to make sure everything has been set up properly both on the page and in the back end.

I have a 30-point checklist that I work through and because your Squarespace Site Health Check is videoed, you can follow along with everything I look at if you really want to geek out.

As well as a copy of the video, you get a report outlining my recommendations as to what needs to be done to maximise the potential of your site and guidance on how to how to make the changes.

It ensures that your Squarespace site isn't costing you missed opportunities and frustrated site visitors. 


your investment

standard site || $250

Assesses your entire Squarespace back end set up and up to 5 pages.

Additional pages $50 each

e-commerce site || $450

Asseses your entire Squarespace back end set up, up to 5 regular pages and up to 20 products.

Additional pages $50 each, additional products priced by arrangement

All prices are in NZ dollars and do not include GST.


how it works

one || your details

You'll need to invite me to be an administrator on your site (it's easy to do), then fill in my form to let me know your details. Payment is due at this stage.

two || assess

Once your payment has been received and you've invited me to be an admin, I'll work through my checklist while looking at your website.

three || reporting back

I'll send you the video recording of my assessment, although with a report on what changes I suggest you make.



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