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Think. Plan. Act.
Coaching Programme

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think plan act is a ten week marketing coaching programme

If you can take the time to really reflect on what you want your business to achieve and set solid foundations for growth then Think. Plan. Act is the programme for you.

What We Can Work On Together

You might want any of the following:

  • Creating a marketing strategy & action plan to get you moving forward

  • Defining your brand clearly and creating a brand story that will resonate with your target audience

  • Researching your target audience & how best to connect with them

  • Working out your key messages and how to craft them in a way that speaks directly to customer needs, desires and problems

  • Work on positioning your product or service and giving people a reason to choose you

  • Planning products, launches or campaigns to achieve a specific end result

  • Auditing your website for effectiveness, messaging and structure

  • Creating a digital strategy & plan

  • Developing a marketing toolkit

  • Marketing goal setting and evaluation

If you have something else in mind, then please let me know what guidance you are looking for and I’ll have a conversation with you about whether I am the right person to help.


What’s included in the coaching


1:1 Calls & Audit

Before Our 1st coaching call - preparatory call + audit of where you are currently at with your marketing
Week 1 - 90 minute coaching call
Weeks 2-10 - 60 minute call each fortnight
After 3-6 months - a 60 minute follow-up call


A dedicated, password-protected page on my website with a recording of our call, notes on our sessions, the homework and tasks and links to any additional resources I think might help you.

Email support if you have any questions or need clarification on something between sessions in our first four weeks.

Simple, easy to understand templates you can use to plan and evaluate your marketing.

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  1. You complete a detailed questionnaire before our first meeting, so you can have the opportunity to think about what motivates you and what you are hoping for from your business. If you have any of them, I’ll also ask for copies of any marketing strategies, plans or materials (business cards, brochures, advertisements etc).

  2. We’ll have a preparatory 15-30 minute call so we can chat - we’ll get to know each other and I can get an overview of your business in your words.

  3. Before our first coaching call, I’ll conduct an audit - based on the information you’ve emailed me plus any social media accounts and your website - so I can get an understanding of the current status of your marketing.

  4. Our first coaching call together will be 90 minutes. We’ll get to know each other, and try to tease out why you do what you do and where you want to get to. Let’s dream big! We’ll also have set a goal for us both to achieve at the end of your coaching programme, and this will largely dictate what we focus our time on for the following sessions.

  5. At the end of each sessions I will set you tasks to complete before we talk again, designed to get you a deeper understanding of your marketing.

  6. To keep momentum going we’ll have a 60 minute call in week 2 to keep working, evaluate progress, talk through any issues and determine next steps and then every second week.

  7. 3-6 months after we finish our coaching sessions, we’ll catch up one last time for a follow up call to evaluate how things are going for you, see if anything needs refining and talk through any new issues or challenges.

If you’re looking for a quicker, more intensive marketing coaching programme, then my Accelerate coaching might be right for you.


At The End Of Our Work Together You’ll..

  • understand the essentials of how marketing works and how to best make it work for you

  • have developed a marketing strategy that feels right for you and your customers or clients

  • have clarity around your business goals and how to use marketing to achieve them

  • have a documented marketing activity plan

  • know how to talk about what you sell in a way that will attract your target audience

  • be confident marketing your business

  • and more!


your investment

$1,950 (incl GST)


If you are ready to take action on your marketing then the best thing to do is to click the orange button above to register your interest and send me some details.

If you are not sure if marketing coaching is right for you, then please send me a message or book a free 15 minute consultation. I’ll tell you straight if I don’t think my coaching is suitable for you.