my website design process 

The step-by-step process:

  • You make contact and I'll ask for some details around how you are and what you are looking for exactly.
  • We'll have a conversation, either in person, on the phone or via Skype to tease out what it is you want for your site and what you want your site to do for you.
  • I'll send you through an Offer of Service which will outline exactly what I will do for you and what your investment will be.
  • If you accept my offer we'll get started.
  • The hardest part is the THINKING stage. This can take a bit of work but it's worth the effort so we can determine exactly what we need to do to get the results you want.
  • Next, in the MAPPING stage, we'll determine your site's structure and functionality, and from that figure out your site's navigation and content.
  • I will send you through a detailed list of the files, images, words and any other information you will need to supply to get us started.
  • Once all your content has been received, I will mock up a home page and one other page of your choice in two different Squarespace templates for you to review.
  • Once you have fed back your template preference, I'll start to build your website based on the content you have supplied.
  • I'll ask for your feedback and then go back and forth to you up to three times for any changes you might want to make. (I’m happy to go back and forth even more if you like, but that will incur extra costs).
  • I'll set up the back end with meta descriptions to help Google understand what your site is all about.
  • Once you're happy with the site and have given the go ahead in writing, we'll map your website across to your domain name provider and go live.

Once the site has gone live I'll do these things:

  • I'll submit your website's sitemap to Google and Bing, the most frequently used search engines.
  • I’ll give you a one hour training session on how to update and maintain the site yourself (if required).
  • I'll spend up to an hour recording training videos using your own website so you can follow along to make changes on your site yourself.

What I'll need from you

  • I'll need you to pay a 50% deposit once you have accepted my Offer of Service to book a place in my schedule.
  • I'll need you to supply all the content required for your site (i.e. text, images and graphics) and I’ll need you to vouch that you own, or have permission to use, any text, images or graphics you supply.
  • I'll need you to review the work-in-progress, feedback on it in a timely manner and approve it.
  • I'll need you to pay the final invoice so I can turn over site ownership to you.


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